🎉We’re Hosting an Event for Psychedelic Startups

Ask Me Anything: Patent Law for Psychedelic Medicine

On December 9 at 10am PST, we’re hosting our first “Business Trip Live: Talks For Founders” Zoom event!

Join us as we discuss Patent Law in Psychedelic Medicine with Graham Pechenik, Jayashree Mitra, and Adriana Kertzer.

Wondering how plants can even be patented? Or how much a patent can cost for your psychedelic startup? We’ll discuss these and many more. You don’t want to miss this event!

RSVP by email to greg@businesstrip.fm

Bring your questions and get ready to take part in this super important conversation.

See you there,

Matias and Greg 🍄

About Us

Business Trip tells the story of the emerging industry of psychedelics. Each episode features a new company in the field, ranging from biotech startups developing novel compounds, to clinics and retreats for healing, to software companies building tools to power the ecosystem. 

Business Trip is produced by Greg Kubin and Matias Serebrinsky — we’re advocates of the healing powers of psychedelic medicine and see a bright future ahead for the industry.

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