👋Clubhouse: Understanding Psychedelic Medicine Startups

Chat with Ronan Levy and Tucker Max, startup founders

On Wednesday, Apr. 14 (tomorrow), we’re hosting a Clubhouse chat with Ronan Levy and Tucker Max.

Join us in a casual conversation where we will deconstruct the present and future of psychedelic medicine startups.

We’ll chat about Field Trip’s present, future and what they’ve learned after opening 7 psychedelic centers with many more planned to open.

Chat with Tucker about his journey with psychedelics, investing, and keeping up-to-date in the space.

Save it to your calendars here! 5 PM PST / 8 PM EST on April 14.

Follow this link on your phone to join.

See you there!

- Greg and Matias

P.S. Need a Clubhouse invite? We’ve got a few extras. Just send an email to matias@businesstrip.fm.

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Business Trip tells the story of the emerging industry of psychedelics. Each episode features a new company in the field, ranging from biotech startups developing novel compounds, to clinics and retreats for healing, to software companies building tools to power the ecosystem. 

Business Trip is produced by Greg Kubin and Matias Serebrinsky — we’re advocates of the healing powers of psychedelic medicine and see a bright future ahead for the industry.

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Matias and Greg

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